About David Enos

I am often asked, and sometimes wonder myself, why I repeatedly get up well before dawn to get to a location, spend many hours driving and exploring all kinds of back roads looking for new opportunities and staying out late past sunset in the middle of nowhere. Lately, I even find myself out in the middle of the night to capture the Milky Way above my landscape subject. I’ve hiked mountains and waited for the perfect light. I’ve scrambled up muddy hills and crawled under glaciers for unique vantage points. I’ve woken up at all hours of the night and frozen in sub-zero temperatures. I've fallen into at least three rivers. I’ve been chased by a moose, an elk and a bighorn sheep when I got too close. I’ve been surrounded by over 200 buffalo. I wish I could say I learned my lesson but getting close to wild animals has always been a passion. I do it with the utmost respect and caring about every animal. Photography constantly pushes me to learn and improve as I strive to show the world around us through my lens.

It’s hard to explain just how much I enjoy being outside, stomping around looking for the best location to position my tripod to capture what I am seeing and experiencing. The landscape and wildlife photographer’s “office” is a pretty cool one. It may be hot, cold or wet, but I don’t really notice as I am totally absorbed into my surroundings. To experience it is to understand it.

I believe that Nature has an unbridled capacity for depth and beauty that transcends our abilities of “seeing” and therefore beckons a much deeper inner vision from us as the beholders. Nature wants us to take pause and enjoy its beauty and photography allows us to do just that!

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to look at my photographs. If the thought of how cool it would have been to have been there crosses your mind, then I will have accomplished one of my goals.